1.Product overview

The 32ports OLT supports up to 32*GPON/32*XG(S)PON/32*XG(S)PON&GPON Combo PON in 2 service slots from a compact 2U chassis. It provide 4*10GE+4*10GE SFP+ uplink interface on CSM(Control & Switch Module). High subscriber density and low cost of entry, combined with the operational cost savings of GPON technology make Qualfiber GPON a compelling alternative to legacy, last-mile access solutions.


2.Main Feature

l Rich Layer 2/3 switching features and Flexible management methods

l  Support multiple link redundancy protocols such as Flex-Link/STP/RSTP/MSTP/ERPS/LACP

l Support RIP、OSPF、BGP、ISIS and IPV6

l Safe DDOS and virus attack protection

l PON port can support GPON/XGPON/XGSPON three modes

l Support Power redundancy backup, Modular power supply, Modular fans supply

l Support power failure alarm


3. Hardware Features



Exchange capacity 300Gbps
Packet forwarding rate 64M+8G Bytes (CSM), 64M Bytes (PON)
Memory and storage 4G Bytes (CSM), 4G Bytes (PON)
Management port Console
Port 4*10GE +4*10GE interface on CSM module  32*GPON/32*XG(S)PON32*XG(S)PON&GPON Combo PON
weight 10kg
fan Fixed fans (three large fans)
power DC: - 48V (Pluggable) Dual DC power redundancy AC: 100~240V(Pluggable) Dual AC power redundancy
Power consumption 320W (Typical)  
environment friendly China ROHS EEE
Dimensions(Width * height * depth) 530mm (W, with hangers) x 286mm (D) x 88mm (H) 
Environment temperature Working Temperature:-10℃~55℃ Storage temperature:-40℃~70℃
Environment humidity Operating humidity: 10%~95% (non-condensing) Storage humidity: 10%~95% (non-condensing)  


4. Software Features



PON Splitter Ratio: 1:128(GPON), 1:256(XG(S)PON) Support B+/C+(GPON), N1/N2(XG(S)PON) transceiver SN / SN+ Password ONU authentication FEC ONU Digital Diagnostic Monitor Rogue ONU Detection
VLAN Support 4K VLAN Support VLAN based on port, MAC and protocol Support dual Tag VLAN, port-based static QINQ and flexible QINQ
MAC/L2/L3 355K Mac address Line-speed switch/forwarding Port-based VLAN, Protocol-based VLAN, 802.1q VLAN ONU-based QinQ, 1:1/N:1 VLAN translate LACP/LAG STP/RSTP/MSTP Port Mirror Flow control / Back pressure Broadcast/DLF/Unknown Multicast storm control L3 Switch Virtual Interface (SVI): IPv4/IPv6 Static Route Static/Dynamic ARP ICMP/Traceroute DHCP Server/DHCP Relay: IPv4/IPv6
Ring network protocol Support STP/RSTP/MSTPSupport ERPS Ethernet ring network protection protocol Support Loopback-detection port loopback detection
Port control Support two-way bandwidth controlSupport port storm suppression Support 9K Jumbo ultra-long frame forwarding
Port aggregation Support static link aggregationSupport dynamic LACP Each aggregation group supports a maximum of 8 ports
Mirroring Support port mirroringSupport stream mirroring
ACL Support standard and extended ACLSupport ACL policy based on time period Provide flow classification and flow definition based on IP header information such as source/destination MAC address, VLAN, 802.1p, TOS, DSCP, source/destination IP address, L4 port number, protocol type, etc.
QoS Support flow rate limiting function based on custom business flowSupports mirroring and redirection functions based on custom business flows Support priority marking based on custom service flow Support 802.1P, DSCP priority Remark capability Support port-based priority scheduling function Support queue scheduling algorithms such as SP/WRR/SP+WRR
Safety Support user hierarchical management and password protectionSupport IEEE 802.1X authentication Support Radius& TAC ACS+ authentication Support MAC address learning limit, support black hole MAC function Support port isolation Support broadcast message rate suppression Support IP Source Guard Support ARP flood suppression and ARP spoofing protection Support DOS attack and virus attack protection SSH, ACL, User isolation, Encryption in PON downstream, DHCP Option82/PPPoE+
Layer 3 Support ARP learning and agingSupport static route Support dynamic route RIP/OSPF/BGP/ISIS Support VRRP
System management

CLI、Telnet、WEB、SNMP V1/V2/V3、SSH2.0

Support FTP,TFTP file upload and download

Support RMON

Support SNTP

Support system work log

Support LLDP neighbor device discovery protocol

Support 802.3ah Ethernet OAM

Support RFC 3164 Syslog

Support Ping and Traceroute


5.Purchasing Information

Product name

Product description


Uplink: 4*10GE +4*10GE interface on CSM module PON: 32*GPON/32*XG(S)PON/ 32*XG(S)PON&GPON Combo PON


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