WiFi 6 Router AP AX1800M Wireless Support Mesh Network and Smart Roaming QF-K0A70

1 Product Descriptions QF-K0A70 Wireless Router can establish 2.4GHz 600Mbps and 5GHz 1.2Gbps connections simultaneously for 1.8Gbps of total available bandwidth , can easily support online HD video playback, 3D games and other high speed applications
2 Product Specifications and Features
Block_ diagram
2.2 Main Components

Key Components

CPU Chipset BCM6755
WiFi Chipset BCM6755(2.4GHz) BCM6755(5GHz)
Switch Chipset BCM53134O
Flash 1Gbits
DDR 2Gbits
2.3 Interfaces Power Supply : Power adapter ( 12V/1A ) Ethernet Ports : Five (5) 10/100/1000 (1 WAN and 4 LAN) Gigabit Ethernet ports with auto-sensing technologyIEEE802.3 , IEEE802.3u Button : Reset Push Button  WPS Push Button LED :1 for Power\Internet\WPS

WIFI Performance

2.4GHz (802.11ax,2*2)

Standard 2.4GHz: IEEE802.11ax/IEEE802.11n/IEEE802.11g/IEEE802.11b
RF Power MCS7:19dBm
RF Sensitivity MCS7:-75dBm
Antenna Two (2) internal antennas 3dBi
Connection rate 600Mbps
Throughput 400Mbps


Standard 5.0GHz: 802.11ax/802.11ac/IEEE 802.11n/IEEE 802.11a
RF Power MCS9: 20dBm
MCS11: 19dBm
RF Sensitivity MCS9: -64dBm
MCS11: -59dBm
Antenna Two (2) internal antennas 3dBi
Connection rate 1.2Gbps
Throughput 900Mbps
4 SoftWare Features
Feature Item


Detailed Description
Networking Protocols 802.1q/1p VLAN over RFC2684bridge encapsulation
PPPoE Support AUTO,PAP,CHAP,MS‐CHAPauthentication.Auto or static IP address assignment.
PPPoE passthrough Supports concurrent PPPoE clients inside the modem and PPPoE clientson the LAN devices.
PPPoE filtering of non‐PPPoE packets between WAN and LAN Support filtered non‐PPPoE packets.
Auto clean up of remote stalled PPP sessions at BRAS
IpoE Support dhcp and static ip config
Transparent bridging between all LAN and WAN interfaces
WAN to WAN blocking in bridgemode
Ethernet as WAN
Networking Full Cone NAT
DMZ Host
Port Triggering
IPSec/VPN and IPSec/L2TP
L2TP client
PPTP client
Firewall/ Filtering Stateful Inspection
Denial of Service suppression ARP, Ping, Ping of Death, Land, SYNC, Smurf, unreachable, teardrop,SYN flood, fragggle, echo.
Packet filtering ackets can be blocked based on interface, mac address, IP address,protocol, and port number.
LAN side firewall By default, LAN side firewall is disabl ed
Parental Control Time of day usage restriction
URI/URL Filtering Supports INCLUDE and EXCLUDE modes
QoS IP/Bridge/802.1p
Rate Control on upstream traffic
Support SP, WRR,WFQ priority VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q)
Routing RIP v1/v2 Enable RIP over multiple WAN interfaces
Policy Routing Routes packets based on criteria other than destination IP address
IGMP Proxy and snooping
IGMP v2 and v3
Support for IPv6
IPv6 IPv6 Ready Logo Certified
IPv6 Firewall
IPv6 capable apps telnetd, ftpd, sshd, httpd
File systems SquashFS Filesystem used on NOR flash systems
JFFS2 Filesystem used on NAND flash syste ms
tmpfs small read/write filesystem
DHCP Server Support for multiple subnets
Static IP lease
DHCP relay
DHCP client
LAN services Second IP address on LAN interface
DNS Proxy Built in DNS server
Caching previous requests
WebUI Protection against Cross Site Request Forgery attack
TR‐069 Digest Authentication, SSL and Basic Authentication, SSL and DigestAuthentication
Auto‐launch and exit‐on‐idle
TR‐098 profile support
TR‐111 (part 1)
  5 Operating Conditions Working Temperature : 0°C ~ 40°C
Working Humidity : 10% ~ 90% RH (No condensation)Storage Temperature : -10°C ~ 70°C Storage Humidity : 5% ~ 95% RH (No condensation)  

6 Dimensions and Housing

  Housing Dimensions (LxWxH) : 189x 136 x 41mm