Waterproof Telecom 16 Core External Distribution Box QF-15N6S

Main performance: Realize the reservation, pass-through of the feeder optical cable and the branch optical cable at the node, and the distribution and dispatch of the optical fiber.
  • Applicable for 2pcs of Φ10-15 distribution cable and 16pcs of soft cable.
  • Max capacity: 16F.Protection grade: IP55.
  • Adapters/splitter: Applicable for PLC splitter (2×1:8 or 1×1:16),and 16 pcs SC adapters or fast connector.
  • lnstallation method:Outdoor pole-mounting,wall-mounting.
  • Open structure for inlet and outlet ceble,seperate ports for soft cable clear internal wiring,easy in installation.
  • Slider structure for box sealing,with fixing screw (for option), easy to open and close.
  • The splice tray cover could protect the cable & splitter.Applicable for uncut cable.
Type Size Weight Inner carton size Outer carton size
QF-15N6S 295×250×100mm 2.0-2.4kg 315×265×145mm(1 pcs) 550×330×475mm(6 pcs)