Wall Mounting Fiber Optic Splice Closure QF-KSW-24F Indoor and Outdoor Installation

Optical Splice Closure for 24 Core Wall Mounting Fiber Distribution Box QF-KSW-24F

QF-KSW-24B fiber optic distribution box, Within a set of reliable fiber optic cable, cable fixed device. Selection of indoor and outdoor installation environment. Easy installation, reliable in quality.   Product Details 1. Meet spectral and wiring of two Φ 10-15 optical fiber cables, and 8 figure or Φ3 soft cable, max capacity 24F. 2. Can be installed splitter(1:4,1:8,1:16),and FC or SC adapters. QF-KSW-24F is for module type splitter,2 pcs splitter(1:4,1:8)or 1 pcs splitter 1:16. 3. QF-KSW-24F for indoor installations, installation method to pole-munting,wall-mounting. 4. Buckle type structure could seal the box and protect the lock. 5. Compound type turnover plate could be installed with module type splitter or adapters. 6. Combination of wall-mounting kit and pole-mounting kit, easier to install.   Product parameters
Type QF-KSW-24F Size(mm) 330X260X113
Protection grade IP55 Max capacity 24F
  Ordering guide
Type Size(mm) Weight(Kg) Inner carton size(mm) Out carton size(mm)
QF-KSW-24F 374X264X112 2.1-3 395X275X145 (1PCS) 575X415X490 (6PCS)