Telecom 36 Core External Distribution Box QF-15N5S

Main performance: Realize the reservation, pass-through of the feeder optical cable and the branch optical cable at the node, and the distribution and dispatch of the optical fiber. Laying method: indoor wall hanging. Features: FTTH products, passive optical splitter, dedicated wiring box for wiring. The cover and bottom of the box body adopt "inner card" design, which is beautiful and simple, especially suitable for fiber to the home installation. It satisfies the optical distribution and wiring of the Ф10-15 optical cable terminal, and satisfies the protective connection of the figure-8 or Φ3 sheath cable. Four of 1:8 PLC mini optical splitters can be installed, and 36 SC adapters can be installed at the same time.
Box Material Polymer synthetic plastic Appearance size (mm) 280×250×125
Fiber tray capacity 36 Core Weight(kg) 2.3~2.5
Type Name Packaging size (mm) Remark
QF-15N5S 12F Fiber optic distribution box 630×580×520 (12 pcs)
24F Fiber optic distribution box
36F Fiber optic distribution box
16-Channel fiber optical distribution box SC