Optic Electric Composite Cable (GDVV)

GDVV integrates optical transmission and power copper cable, hybrid fiber power cable can solve broadband access problems, equipment power supply, transmission transparent electricity meter data, report and charge electricity. Product Specification: Model Number: GDVV Number of Conductors: 2 Conductor Material: Fiber and Copper Fiber Type: G.657A2 or customized Fiber count: 2-12 Cores Copper count: customized Strength member material: Steel wire coated with glue. Sheath: HDPE LSZH Voltage: 300/500V Working temperature range: -40℃~80℃ Storage and transport temperature range: -40℃~60℃ Products Parameters:
Item Unit Item
Drop cable Cable   dimension / 2.1(±0.1)*1.6(±0.1)
Sub-power cable unit Conductor / 30/0.25
Insulation Material / PVC
Nominal   insulation thickness mm 0.7
Min.   insulation thickness mm 0.53
Insulation   diameter mm 3.1±0.3
Outer   sheath Material / PVC
Nominal   insulation thickness mm 1
Min.   insulation thickness mm 0.8
Finished   diameter mm 9.0±0.3
Reference   weight Kg/km 118
Rated   voltage V 300/500
Minimum   bending radius mm 90mm
Product Applications: Indoor & Outdoor