16 Core Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box / FTTH Distribution Terminal Box QF62DW-1

Optical Splice Closure for 2 Core Wall Mounting Fiber Terminal Distribution Box QF62DW-1

QF62DW-1 series of the passive optical terminal box could be operated conveniently. In Addition, high safety coefficient and full function of the product make it very popular.   Product Details 1. General cables are able to work with this terminal box, namely with a diameter of 12mm, “8” figure or 3mm soft cable. 2. Max capacity depends on what kind of splitter or adapter be kitted. Max number is 16 core. 3. 1:8 SC or 1:16 LC micro splitter is suitable, and it also can be installed with 8 pieces of LC duplex adapters. 4. Mechanical seal is commonly used to be installed at outdoors by wall mount. 5. The box is designed to be flipped over with a unique ‘slider’ structure, small size with full function, easy to use.   Product parameters
Type QF62DW-1 Size(mm) 210X175X50
Protection grade IP55 Max capacity 16F
  Ordering guide
Type size(mm) weight(Kg) Inner carton size(mm) Out carton size(mm)
QF62DW-1 210X175X50 0.5-0.6 215x180x50 (1PCS) 560x450x275(30PCS)