1310nm Analog QAM Transmitter for CATV with AGC

   Qualfiber 1310nm optical transmitter is a high performance, high reliability and excellent cost performance. For 10km and 25km transmitter we build in Fujitsu and Ortel components.  It can be used in a wide range of applications, such as long-distance digital and analog signal communication applications include secondary CATV trunks and distribution networks, CWDM/DWDM systems, fiber optic sensing and security monitoring systems. FTTH network construction, CATV extended network signal transmission through the low loss 1310nm single mode fiber optic cable , used with high-power optical amplifier EDFA. FEATURES ● 2 Independent modular RF driver ● 47-1000Mhz working bandwidth ● LCD screen on the front panel show brief information of the status of the equipment ● Automatic laser modulation (MOI) control, AGC & MGC ● Double power supply, support SNMP management ● Automatically control of operating temperature   TECHNIQUE INDEX
Item Unit Parameters
CATV working wavelength nm 1300~1320
Number of output ports port 1/2 customized
Transmission distance km 5-10 or 10-25
Output power dB 2-32
Reflection loss dBm ≥55
Working broadband MHz 47-1000
Flatness dB ≤±0.75
RF input level dBuV  80±5(AGC)
AGC control range dBm ±10
MGC control range dBm ±10
Test channel   PAL-D/60CH, NTSC80CH or customized
RF detection db 0±1
CNR db ≥  51
CTB db ≤ -67
CSO db ≤ -57
RF connector   F-Female
Connector type   FC/APC, SC/APC or customized
Power supply voltage V 220VAC or -48VDC
Power consumption W ≤50(single power supply)
Operating Temperature -5~65
Storage temperature -40~80
Size inches 1U(19*14.7*1.75)

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